Rest Assured Tech
Protection Services

With a Protection Plan from Rest Assured Tech, you can be confident in knowing that your devices are protected and kept in good working order.

The following are all key components to the protection plans I offer.

Real time device protection

Virus & Malware Scanning

Enterprise Level Virus & Malware Scanning keeps you protected 24 / 7

Malicious Website Scanning

All web content is checked for known malicious activity to prevent accidental browsing.

Malicious Text / Email Blocking

Email and Text Messages with links are scanned to determine if any malicious activity is found.

Proactive Services

System Tune-ups

Advanced tools are performed to keep your system in good working order.

Deep Cleaning

System files build up over time and cause slow performance. Removing these files keeps your system running smoothly.

Active Alerts

Alerts of any potential device failures or abnormal activity to prevent data loss.

Windows Updates

Windows updates are critical to correct system issues and security vulnerabilities.

3rd Party Application Updates

Every application on your computer has updates to keep them running smoothly.

Remote System Maintenance

Using secure remote assistance software, I can access your system, with your permission, to troubleshoot any issue with you on the phone.